User Experience Design

[ Human Center Design – Junior Practicum ]

Human-Centered Design. User Experience Design. Participatory Design. There are multiple ways to describe the essential goal of making things for humans. The primary goal of this course was discovering a need or opportunity specific to a group of real people. Through the course, I had created cultural probes, interviewed a user group, analyzed the result of questionnaire and survey, and created the interactive prototype as a member of the design team.

Cultural Probes

The point of having cultural probes is to arouse design inspirations and collect responses from participants. The collecting data are expected to be casual, informal, enthusiastic and personal. The participants in this activity are inspired by given methods and provide meaningful information with/in those methods about their lives, thoughts, and opinions.
Skill: Photoshop, Illustrator
Interactive media design, research method

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Interactive Prototype

Use an application prototyping platform ( to create interactive prototype of our team design intervention.
Skill: Photoshop, Illustrator,, UX design

Prototype with functioning links, CLICK HERE

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