Data Visualization

[ Geo Visualization ]

Focuses on different geovisualization techniques to represent physical, social, and cultural phenomena associated with spatial data and designing maps. Addresses GIS programs and explores how geovisualization can be applied to various research and policy areas.
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Skill : Spatial data visualization, Designing maps / Software: Geography Information System ArcMap, ArcScene

More Geographic Visualization Projects

Project: GIS/Geovisualization research

Where Should We Locate a New Park & Ride in the Thorton Creek Watershed Area in Seattle?
Applying various geovisualization techniques to the real-world example.

Project: Flow Maps

Visualizing the spatial patterns of ‘traffic volumes’ in the Puget Sound Regions in Washington State from 2000 and 2030. Practice how to analyze traffic change over time, in particular with using flow maps.

Project: Proportional Symbol Mapping

Creating dot density maps using ArcGIS program. Visualizing spatial patterns of inequality over time.

Project: Choropleth Mapping

Colorpleth mapping is one of the most commonly used method of thematic mapping. It is used for “phenomena” that have spatial variation in the boundaries of enumeration units.

Dot density Mapping : World Population Distribution

Visualizing how the world’s populations are distributed. Experiencing the implication of various map projections and how they can influence the visualization of geographic data.