Studio Elements III – Practicum

Week 10 (November 27 to December 03) – Reflective Blog 

Week 10 (November 27 to December 03) – Reflective Blog  Teamwork Process [Interaction Criticism] Our group had a discussion to prepare the Interaction Criticism presentation on next Monday. Our members had pointed out what we can learn and accept and what we need to avoid. […]

Interactive Prototype

Prototype with functioning links CLICK HERE  

Process blog 09

Studio Element III 9th week (05/23/2016 – 05/27/2016) Summary of 9th week Reading Chapter 81 Stakeholder Walkthroughs Activity / Discussion Paper Prototypes Walkthroughs (05/26) Guest Lecture: Joel Ong Teamwork How to build the paper prototypes Possible walkthroughs for the paper prototypes Drawing for the paper […]

Process blog 08

Studio Element III 8th week (05/16/2016 – 05/20/2016) Summary of 8th week Reading Chapter 95 User Journey Maps Chapter 82 Storyboards Chapter 47 Image Boards Activity / Discussion In class discussion (05/17) User Journey Maps Observation (05/17) Quick observation IT help desk Presentation Questionnaire (05/16) […]

Process Blog 07

Studio Element III 7th week (05/09/2016 – 05/13/2016) Summary of 7th week Reading Embodying Values in Technology Building to Think, or the Power of Prototyping Activity / Discussion In class discussion Embodying value in Technology Power of Prototyping Teamwork Start analyzing the answers from the […]

Process Blog 06

Studio Element III 6th week (05/02/2016 – 05/06/2016) Summary of 6th week Reading Universal Methods of Design Chapter 83: Survey Universal Methods of Design Chapter 67: Questionnaires Activity / Discussion Interviewed John (One of our Cultural Probes participants) Discussion with the professor  Infrastructuring Discussion with […]

Process Blog 05

Studio Element III 5th week (04/25/2016 – 04/29/2016) Summary of 5th week Reading Textbook Chapter 57: Observation Textbook Chapter 59: Participant Observation Activity / Discussion Discussion Reading discussion : Semi-structured observation / Structured observation Marginal participants VS Full participants (Pros and cons for both cases) […]

Process Blog 04

Studio Element III 4th week (04/18/2016 – 04/22/2016) Summary of 4th week Reading Cultural Probes and the Value of Uncertainty Chapter 48: Interviews Design Research Techniques: Cultural Probes Activity / Discussion Discussion in the class: Quantitative data VS Qualitative data Interpreting data is design challenge […]

Process Blog 03

Studio Element III 3rd week (04/11/2016 – 04/15/2016) Summary of 3rd week Reading Chapter 24: Cultural Probes Cultural Probes Cultural Probes (Gaver) How HCI Interprets the Probes Activity / Discussion Class discussion: What are “Cultural Probes”? Team discussion: Our user group is UW – IT department. […]

Cultural Probe Kits

Cultural probes are used to arouse design inspirations and collect responses from participants. The collecting data are expected to be casual, informal, enthusiastic and personal. Given methods inspire the participants in this activity and provide meaningful information with/in those methods about their lives, thoughts, and opinions.