Studio Elements III Digital Performance

Project: Yuri

Project Yuri is motivated by Nam June Paik’s “K-456” that attempted to recalibrate the race and lead people to think about the “human/machine binary and deconstructing binary logic (Rhee)”. Project Yuri throws the main questions of “Is robot a slave or object of human?” to […]

Final Project Proposal – Android Artwork

Title of the artwork: [Undecided] Goals of the artwork: This android artwork attempts to enlighten people’s awareness toward the relationship between human and robots/cyborgs. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to think about the gender and race of a robot by watching and hearing the reactions of […]

Digital Performance : Quantify My Identity

  Background music: Starlight By Akoon Link Pulse Sensor Amped Arduino Code: Joel Murphy, Yuri Gitman Link Pulse Sensor Amped Processing Visualizer: Joel Murphy, Yuri Gitman Link *Based on the code “Pulse Sensor Amped Processing Visualizer”, I modified and added features for this performance: LINK […]

First Project Proposal – Digital Performance

Proposal #1: Identity Device: Tablet to run Processing and display the heart rate Sensor: Purse Sensor Amped Other items: The box with display tablet Description of possible future in the performance: This performance shows one of possible futures where society judges our identities by only […]

Week 2 Response 1 – Theories and Positions in Digital Performance

Chapter 7: Cyber culture including digital performance is highly influenced by the theories of postmodernism and deconstruction. Structuralism tries to define arts with putting focus on the relationships and structuralists believed that things are can be explained by examining relationships. However, Post-Structuralism suggests that the relationships […]