Speculative Media & Social Change

Game Project

Project #3: Game Project  Visit Website Project Description: Using the video created for the speculative art project, and at minimum two other images or videos, create a short interactive game that engages the concepts we have discussed in class on aesthetic, political and theoretical levels. Description: […]

Online Responses for Week10

“Shifting Futures,” micha cárdenas Is the present that we are living now from one of the possible futures of someone’s imagination in the past? If it is, what possible future from our ancestor’s imagination is allowed to us? While I was thinking about this topic, it […]

Online Responses for Week 9

Mainichi [LINK] Game is a great medium for delivering messages because it enables strong emotional attachments from players. I think this can be easily understood if we consider how some people put their high priorities on sport games they like. By playing this game “Mainichi” […]

Online Responses for Week 8

Star Wars and the American Imaginations This writing is short, but it gives me quite a huge impact since I have the firsthand experience with this movie series. Star Wars, who does not the fame of this name? After I moved to the USA, I […]

Speculative Art Project

Project #2: Speculative Art Project Project Description: Create a 1-5 minute video that brings the object in your speculative design project to life. You may want to create a video of someone using your object. Or, you may want to create a video of the world […]

Speculative Design Project

Project #1: Speculative Design Project The project description:  Imagine an object from a possible future, or an alternate past or present. This project is an opportunity to consider the ways that objects around us shape our lives, our possibilities for freedom, and our oppression. Create a compelling […]

Online Responses for Week 6

Cyber Manifesto One of the ideas that I agreed was the statement on how we cannot define “female” as a singular identity. People’s identity can be determined by so many different factors, such as class, race, gender, cultural backgrounds and etc. While there are so […]

Online Responses for Week 5

“Race and/as Technology or How to do Things With Race”, Wendy Hui Kyong Chun The article provides key sources of future Speculative Critical Design and how to engage SCD with race related issues. As an Interactive Media Design student who studies speculative and critical ways […]

Online Responses for Week 4

Speculative Everything, Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby, p. 1-10, 33-47 The one thing I liked the most about reading this article is the statement saying “futures are not destination or something to be strived for but a medium to aid imaginative thought.” This is such […]