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Process blog 08

Studio Element III 8th week (05/16/2016 – 05/20/2016) Summary of 8th week Reading Chapter 95 User Journey Maps Chapter 82 Storyboards Chapter 47 Image Boards Activity / Discussion In class discussion (05/17) User Journey Maps Observation (05/17) Quick observation IT help desk Presentation Questionnaire (05/16) […]

Process Blog 07

Studio Element III 7th week (05/09/2016 – 05/13/2016) Summary of 7th week Reading Embodying Values in Technology Building to Think, or the Power of Prototyping Activity / Discussion In class discussion Embodying value in Technology Power of Prototyping Teamwork Start analyzing the answers from the […]

Proportional Symbol Mapping

Creating dot density maps using ArcGIS program Visualizing spatial patterns of inequality over time. The entire index’s range in 1970 is 5.09 – 12.50. The most common income inequality ratio is in between 6.91 and 9.61 for all the states except for northwest area and […]

Final Project Proposal – Android Artwork

Title of the artwork: [Undecided] Goals of the artwork: This android artwork attempts to enlighten people’s awareness toward the relationship between human and robots/cyborgs. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to think about the gender and race of a robot by watching and hearing the reactions of […]

Process Blog 06

Studio Element III 6th week (05/02/2016 – 05/06/2016) Summary of 6th week Reading Universal Methods of Design Chapter 83: Survey Universal Methods of Design Chapter 67: Questionnaires Activity / Discussion Interviewed John (One of our Cultural Probes participants) Discussion with the professor  Infrastructuring Discussion with […]

Process Blog 05

Studio Element III 5th week (04/25/2016 – 04/29/2016) Summary of 5th week Reading Textbook Chapter 57: Observation Textbook Chapter 59: Participant Observation Activity / Discussion Discussion Reading discussion : Semi-structured observation / Structured observation Marginal participants VS Full participants (Pros and cons for both cases) […]

Digital Performance : Quantify My Identity

  Background music: Starlight By Akoon Link Pulse Sensor Amped Arduino Code: Joel Murphy, Yuri Gitman Link Pulse Sensor Amped Processing Visualizer: Joel Murphy, Yuri Gitman Link *Based on the code “Pulse Sensor Amped Processing Visualizer”, I modified and added features for this performance: LINK […]

Choropleth Mapping

Fundamentals of choropleth mapping and map design Colorpleth mapping is one of the most commonly used method of thematic mapping. It is used for “phenomena” that have spatial variation in the boundaries of enumeration units. Choice of classification method and number of classes: The classification […]

Process Blog 04

Studio Element III 4th week (04/18/2016 – 04/22/2016) Summary of 4th week Reading Cultural Probes and the Value of Uncertainty Chapter 48: Interviews Design Research Techniques: Cultural Probes Activity / Discussion Discussion in the class: Quantitative data VS Qualitative data Interpreting data is design challenge […]

Dot density Mapping : World Population Distribution

Creating dot density maps using ArcGIS program Visualizing how the world’s populations are distributed. Experiencing the implication of various map projections and how they can influence the visualization of geographic data. The first map has two significant colors, which are yucca yellow and anemone violet. […]