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Week 10 (November 27 to December 03) – Reflective Blog 

Week 10 (November 27 to December 03) – Reflective Blog  Teamwork Process [Interaction Criticism] Our group had a discussion to prepare the Interaction Criticism presentation on next Monday. Our members had pointed out what we can learn and accept and what we need to avoid. […]

Week 2 – Reflective Blog

The best source of inspiration for week 2 This diagram from Zimmerman’s article gave me a great inspiration and an answer that I have wondered about interaction design. It shows where the interaction designers are placed in the whole picture of HCI. The diagram shows […]

Application POCKET website

POCKET application Visit Website Purpose POCKET is an application that makes it possible to manage all of your accounts in one place. Through this team project, I found out how to define the design problem, target audience, potential solution, competitors, and documented them into a […]

Project HI All Dogs

Project HI All Dogs Visit Website Purpose The main purpose of this website is to let people know the benefits of having health insurances for dogs. People already know that too many dogs are born in a year, and they know lots of dogs are […]

Interactive Prototype

Prototype with functioning links CLICK HERE  

Project: Yuri

Project Yuri is motivated by Nam June Paik’s “K-456” that attempted to recalibrate the race and lead people to think about the “human/machine binary and deconstructing binary logic (Rhee)”. Project Yuri throws the main questions of “Is robot a slave or object of human?” to […]

Project: GIS/Geovisualization research

Representing Space: Where Should We Locate a New Park & Ride in the Thorton Creek Watershed Area in Seattle? Applying various geovisualization techniques to the real-world example Sound Transit Requests Your Assistance In order to improve transportation in the Puget Sound region, Sound Transit plans […]

Process blog 09

Studio Element III 9th week (05/23/2016 – 05/27/2016) Summary of 9th week Reading Chapter 81 Stakeholder Walkthroughs Activity / Discussion Paper Prototypes Walkthroughs (05/26) Guest Lecture: Joel Ong Teamwork How to build the paper prototypes Possible walkthroughs for the paper prototypes Drawing for the paper […]

Flow Maps

Creating flow maps using ArcGIS program Visualizing the spatial patterns of ‘traffic volumes’ in the Puget Sound Regions in Washington State from 2000 and 2030. Practice how to analyze traffic change over time, in particular with using flow maps The significant volumes of traffic are […]