Week 10 (November 27 to December 03) – Reflective Blog 

Week 10 (November 27 to December 03) – Reflective Blog 

Teamwork Process

[Interaction Criticism]

Our group had a discussion to prepare the Interaction Criticism presentation on next Monday. Our members had pointed out what we can learn and accept and what we need to avoid. Ada’s list has very clear audiences with their goals. “by women we mean all women (trans, intersex and cis), all those who experience oppression as women (including non-binary and gender non-conforming people) and all those who identify as women.” I’ve learned the careful way to word to define the range of “women” with their agenda. However, I was surprised how they word the races without that much of care. For instance, when I chose my race in the sign-up process, I had to choose “Other Asian” as they divided the Asian population into only two different categories: “Chinese” or “Other Asian”. I’ve never experienced this type of selection before. I wanted to believe that there’s a reason for this, but it was hard to understand. Also, they made the same selections to the black population too: “African” or “Other Black”. I found this choice of word can be offensive enough to repel some users and make them do not want to join the community.

Personal Work Process for the Project

[MEAN stack]

Our app needs backend server to save the all the data. I searched for the solution, and I found MEAN stack that is easy and serves our purposes. With Node js, I can use JavaScript to control data.

Mongo DB (More JavaScript Friendly) instead of MySQL Express (instead of Apache) Angular Node js (instead of PHP)

Document-oriented database

Store in JSON-like format

Familiar with JavaScript

It’s not RDMS = Relation Database Management System -> Such as SQL…

Much less storage

Easier to implement

Easy to use from Node js

Web server that runs on Node js

Web server that’s written in JS

You can write your own server using this

Simpler and easier


Google’s web framework

For User Interface

Represent, show data in HTML

For iOS app, this is not related


JavaScript Engine from Chrome browser

  • Engine: read the JavaScript code execute the code
  • Every browser has JS engine
  • People write JS and run it like a program not only just in a browser but also in the Shell
    • This ability allows the people write a program such as an application programming (Like C++, C#, Java) with JS
    • Run any JavaScript program on Node js

I followed the tutorial and for now, I have this.




I consider building a simple website on it to use as an admin tool. The webpage will help us to manage data.



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