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The main purpose of this website is to let people know the benefits of having health insurances for dogs. People already know that too many dogs are born in a year, and they know lots of dogs are abandoned due to medical issues. In addition, some people go through financial problems due to heavy medical costs for their pets, and some people get dogs without considering the responsibilities that come with them. Through this campaign, people will recognize the necessity of enforcing people to have medical insurance for all their pets.
Skill: HTML, CSS, PHP, CakePHP, Command line, Work with database – SQL
The first target audience of this project is a group of people who already have dogs.The next target audience is a group of people in general who consider getting dogs.The last target audience is a group of people who have concerns about dogs and pets in general.
People who are suffering from paying high medical costs for their dogs, people who own sick dogs because they did not get proper vaccine and medical tests.
The goal of the project is to convince owners of the dogs have the medical insurances for their dogs.The objective includes the followings:
  • People who decides to get a new dog as a pet needs to register the pet and buy the medical insurance for their dogs.
  • Pets need to get recurring basic health checks and vaccination.
  • Owners only pay very small amount of copayment when they visit vets.


  • Cartoonish concept
    • To neutralize the seriousness of the subject, this website uses a cartoon like design.
  • Single page site approach with jQuery scroll plugin
    • This website will be designed as a single page site to raise a readability and information communicability. In addition, jQuery scroll plugin makes the website more dynamic and visually interesting to draw people’s attention.
  • Visual effect Animated story of a dog
    • Provides a short animated story of a dog who gets adopted to a family and then abandoned due to its health issue. This is intended to bring sympathy of the visitors about this issue.
  • Statistics figures with charts
    • The statistics figures with charts delivers crucial information to the visitors, letting them know the current problems with numbers. The visitors will realize how many dogs are in trouble due to medical issues.
  • Quiz
    • The quizzes are provided to bring the visitors interaction with the website. They will guess the right answers for the given questions. Providing information through a form of quiz will make them less bored about the webpage.
  • Getting suggestions
    • The webpage takes suggestions from the visitors. Not only it helps the project to gather further input from the users, but also it gives visitors another chance to deeply consider about this issue.

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