Project: GIS/Geovisualization research

Representing Space: Where Should We Locate a New Park & Ride in the Thorton Creek Watershed Area in Seattle?

Applying various geovisualization techniques to the real-world example
Sound Transit Requests Your Assistance
In order to improve transportation in the Puget Sound region, Sound Transit plans to add an additional Park and Ride to the Thornton Creek Watershed area.
Site Selection Criteria:
1. The Park and Ride must be on a lot that is currently vacant and larger than 100,000 square feet [The lot size information is stored in the ‘area’ column in GIS data (e.g. parcel.shp).]
2. The Park and Ride should be located near roads (streets) that are projected to carry (relatively) high volumes of traffic in the year 2020.
3. The new Park and Ride may be constructed as an extension of an existing one, OR may be in a new location altogether.
4. The Park and Ride should be located on a parcel of land that is relatively flat so that surface water run-off is easily captured and managed. Further, a flat surface will make construction more cost effective and will minimize impacts to the surrounding environment.
Report including : Description of the process until I get the final location and the conclusion

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