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Studio Element III 9th week (05/23/2016 – 05/27/2016)

Summary of 9th week

  • Reading
    • Chapter 81 Stakeholder Walkthroughs
  • Activity / Discussion
    • Paper Prototypes Walkthroughs (05/26)
    • Guest Lecture: Joel Ong
  • Teamwork
    • How to build the paper prototypes
    • Possible walkthroughs for the paper prototypes
    • Drawing for the paper prototypes

Reflection of 9th week

Making paper prototypes: I remember the chapter “Getting the design right and the right design” from Bill Buxton’s book “Sketching User Experiences”. The chapter taught me the power of paper prototypes (even though the main topic of this chapter was not about the paper prototype). The paper prototype in this chapter shows a great example of the term, “sketch-a-Move(Buxton)”.

Image from “Sketching User Experiences” by Bill Buxton’s

This sketch shows the ability to explore and experience the interaction in a simple but elegant way. Furthermore, it demonstrates the power of paper prototype too. Well-built paper prototypes – it does not mean a drawing skill has to be nice – help all attenders of a walkthrough to understand “the viability and validity of the underlying concept(Buxton)”.

We had a team meeting to discuss the walkthrough and simple UI design for our paper prototype. We built three different walkthroughs that is comprised of two walkthroughs for the patrons and one walkthrough for the IT helpdesk employees. Since our walkthrough starts by swiping the student card, we also considered the hardware, which is the card reader, in our walkthrough. Furthermore, as the core of this prototype is the walkthrough for “check-out” system, we had spent considerable time on check-out part to find out the validity of interaction.

Paper prototype walkthrough / peer review session: We had peer review session in the class time.  Other peer students tested our paper prototype as end users who are a patron and an employee of IT helpdesk. We had gotten several feedbacks on the choice of wordings and icons that confuse the users, but thankfully got positive opinions for the flow of the walkthrough. For the final prototype, we may narrow our focus down from the three different walkthroughs to only one walkthrough using the check-out function which is the core of the system. I will plan to pull this prototype more during summer for my portfolio that will include more sophisticate UX/UI design with JavaScript to run all three walkthroughs we had designed.


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