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The Shift

Is the present that we are living now from one of the possible futures of someone’s imagination in the past? If it is, what possible future from our ancestor’s imagination is allowed to us?

While I was thinking about this topic, it has come up to my mind that we, as ancestors of the future generations, have responsibilities to think about the possible futures.
After I read “Shifting futures”, I started to think “shifting” as a form of communication and media, and considered it as a proposal for possible futures.

<process for the thoughts>
Modulating visibility = (may) include changing one’s form, location or appearance = shifting = a form of communication, of media

So modulating visibility can be a form of communication and media.

Shifting for the possible future needs to be worked in a non-violence and non-necropolitic way. Also shifting connects the “Algorithmic Identity” as a complement to the incompleteness of intersectionality.

We can find this identity by studying “specific materiality of a shift from visibility to invisibility” and “the space between these two states.” The short video clip from “Many Moons” that shows the android shifting from white to black helps my understanding of this concept.
My next challenge is expressing modulating visibility into a form of media. Especially, I have to focus on the type of media that allows the interaction with other side of users for sharing feelings. Dys4ia’s game “Mainichi” helps me understand this type of media, which is a game. “Mainichi” is a two dimensional game that deals with the shifting of trans women, it talks about not only modulating visibility but also “in-between moments of shifting, with their uncertainty and multiplicity”. A player become the main character, the trans woman, and the player has to calculate every possible variable of violence. While the character experiences violence in her “Mainichi”, she sometimes loses a confidence or feels sad because of the disjunction between ideal and reality. In my case, I felt sympathy to the main character in most of cases, so I agreed with the idea that says the form of game is a great medium for delivering messages.
What can be the next stage beyond “sympathy” as the feeling that needs to be shared and “digital technology” as the method for delivering message? It can be a great practice if I can make some contents that make the users to think about the answer for it.

I played “The Wanderer” among the Survivance games. Because, there is “The Collective Identity Quest” section as one of subcategories of “The Wanderer”, which coincide with main topic of my assignment, “I cannot be defined as a single identity.”
In addition, I experienced thrill when I read the words of Roger Fernandes, “The Wanderer has these questions about their life and they don’t know where the answers are at, so they begin to wander. They don’t know where the answers are at, but they hope that by wandering, they’ll bump into them somewhere.” Because, this sentences represent a part of my life and thoughts that I have wanted to make them into the forms of words/languages. That wandering for finding the answer for my identities has been taking long time so far, but I will keep wandering every direction for the answers.
Today, I found one very clear direction for defining my identities as I played “The Collective Identity Quest”. First, I think about my collective identity: gender, sexual orientation, roles, social, political, nation, spiritual groups, etc., and then remove connections from my life that make me unhealthy. Of course, removing whatever that causes unhealthiness can be difficult even if I want it so badly. As, it cannot be removed because of complicate external reasons around me. However, just by clarifying what causes myself to be unhealthy can be a hot key to untangle my thoughts of skein. Giving some time to focus on connections encourage myself to be healthy.
That will also be very helpful to balance the four elements of life balance, which include physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements.

The project “Ulrike And Eamon Compliant” applies media to public space and makes it as a new type of art/game. The players become explorers, wonder around the space to space. While they are exploring the public spaces, they have electric devices such as cellphones and radios that are familiar types of media in days of our lives. Sometimes they speak up to their thoughts whenever they get questions over the cellphone. I found it very interesting form of game because I feel this is like a real board game that uses real world as a background. Also, the key point of this game is “interaction” with the players, so occasionally, this project make the players move from a space to other spaces and think about several social issues while they are playing the game.

Questions in this project: “The inconsistencies in your stance”, “The gap between your ideals of social engagement and the reality of your lifestyle”, “What kind of person I am : a hesitant or a decisive person”.

Keys of this project : The art/game that breaks common sense, interactive media

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