Online Responses for Week 9

Mainichi [LINK]


Game is a great medium for delivering messages because it enables strong emotional attachments from players. I think this can be easily understood if we consider how some people put their high priorities on sport games they like.

By playing this game “Mainichi” I have learned how transgender women in color feel “Mainichi”, which means “everyday”. In this game, the player becomes a main character, who is a transgender woman in color. The player thinks like the main character and follows the path of her way of thinking. (Of course the player can make a choice between two options but that options also are limited to the main characters’ way of thinking.) This process evokes the players’ empathy, and makes the player think about the messages that the project manager wants to deliver.

I am a person who really feels empathy quite well, so while I was playing this game, I was not just only surprised but also sad and sometimes upset because of all the reactions from the NPCs. Because those NPCs represent people in the real world, and how they treats me (as a main character of this game) was literally unhappy Mainichi. The reactions from NPCs are changed by the user’s choice, for example, if I choose to put a makeup and get dressed well, the reactions of NPCs ease off. However, somethings never change even if I dressed well and put a makeup on my face. These reactions are so real, I could feel the delicacy of the project manager.

Since I am going to make a game for the next assignment, I think I need to have more flexible thinking for the types of games first. Because, some people see games as means of entertainment, and have a rigid image of games, such as video games and board games. Also, I have to understand how we can bring players emotional attachment into my project to deliver the main purpose of the project.

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