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Star Wars and the American Imaginations
This writing is short, but it gives me quite a huge impact since I have the firsthand experience with this movie series. Star Wars, who does not the fame of this name? After I moved to the USA, I had watched entire series of the Star Wars. Because, for me, it was like a rite of passage for someone from other culture to be harmonized with the American culture. After I got familiar to the story of Star Wars, I could understand lots of cultural meanings and context derived from the Star Wars from all different types of media including the game industry. So far, I had thought about the movie series of Star Wars. Series that premiered in 1977 to 1983 in particular, is remarkably famous because it is a great SF movie series that was ahead of that time of image technology with great music. In addition, I have frequently saw people using the most famous line of Darth Vader, “I am your father” as a joke via online, so I have never considered it as the line implying “The moment of self-realization, self-discovery, and revelation.” Thus, by reading the paragraphs that are describing the certain period when “Vietnam syndrome permeated the entire culture”, I recognized that I have to reconsider my attitude about how I absorb meanings of media. I have to think more critically whenever I encounter the mass media especially the ones that have achieved huge success with big impact on people.

The facts that I did not know before I read this essay:
1. Historical facts of America after the Vietnam War
a. Vietnam syndrome permeated the entire culture
b. The younger were antiwar in their orientation, and a counterculture was sweeping the nation.
2. Reason of Star Wars Craze – Cultural resonance
a. America wanted to reimaging as the ragtag band, fighting against evil
b. Americans have declined to define themselves as imperialists.
c. They were Luke Skywalker, good, white, for freedom, for self-determination
Last but not least, we need to think about the last moment of this essay. Are we going to be a lamb to the Empire? Unless- (So many possible count measures)

Lalibela (re-envisions the life of Ethiopian king Lalibela as a time traveler.)

Personally, I like this story the most so far, and the reason lies in the variety of genres in this short story. I could enjoy following different genres while I was reading only one short story.

Biography of a great king- The main character, Lalibela, is a real person in the history of Ethiopia. Thus, I found it very instructive since I have learn some historical lesson of Ethiopia.

Science Fiction of time travelers, a Fantasy novel with dragons- The story demonstrates the idea of developed technology which allowed time travel to the king Lalibela and queen Kibra. They use this advanced technology to help people who live in 21th century as they took an advice from the dragons when they time traveled to year 3000.

A story for Great love- The great love between Lalibela and Kibra had achieved that prosper of civilization.

Additional thoughts:

How can someone overcome jealousy and burden from expectations from others.

The writing successfully delivered the seriousness of environment pollution in 21st century to the readers.

What the girl with a T-shirt that is written this sentence “Invent the future” represents at the end of the story? And where are they heading to?
Did she become a new the Messiah for 21st century after they finish time travel?

Children Who Fly
This story makes me imagine the life in apocalypse. It may not be that far from now if our generation fails at figuring out an ultimate solution regarding the serious environment problems and dangerous weapons that not only treat the lives of human but also nature. By reading the lives of Kumari family, I can pre-figurative the places where my granddaughters will live, where it may be horrible and poisonous yet there exist the thoughts of “dissociation as positive”. By reading this anthology, I could make my broad range of thinking to be more specific by asking myself this question. “How can I be the ancestor who have always been psychic when it comes to heartbreak or disaster.”

News articles regarding death threats to American African students in The University of Missouri

By reading these news articles, I realized racism is deep and still going on in the Unite State. People have been studying and fighting for the human equality and rights for so many decades. However, why can’t we perfectly remove this problem in human history? For me, it is still very hard to find an answer to this questions. Is it a part of human instinct that makes us hate each other whoever have different characteristics?

I completely understand that trembling fear that all black students felt, and hard to understand the reaction of the university. “Someone said on Yik Yak that they will be shooting any black students they see on campus tomorrow,” one of students of the university said. “Since it’s Yik Yak and it’s anonymous, there is no face [to the threat]. Any white students that I pass, it could be them.” The major problem here is that people’s lives have been threatened, and this is not limited to black students’ safety but all lives on the campus. It was unfortunate that a president of the university was someone who doesn’t care enough about students’ rights and even lives. It is so sorry for the president taking this problem seriously only after media started to focus the issue that was based on the strike of the university football players and a hunger strike of one African American student. That president resigned his position now. For the future of all the educational venue, I hope the one whoever deeply takes care about students safety regardless of their races is elected as the new president. Because no one should feel scared to get an education.

“I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess”

This essay has critical perspective on intersectionality, and it talks about more various aspects of identity. I agree with this critique since the meaning of identity is not limited to someone’s race, class, or sexual orientation, but considered as multiple levels. Also by reading this article, I reconsider the meaning of intersectionality with assemblage to think about how to finish the imposed epistemological framewhich is ontologically presumptuous (54).

In addition, the author claims that the meaning of intersectionality has been recognized in white women centric ways (ironically!) in the field of gender study by describing women of color by “difference”. I could sense similar argument when I read Cyborg Manifesto by Dana Haraway, when she describes Asian women as Chimera, which I think the meaning of that description is vague, and need to be more clarified.

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