Online Responses for Week 6

Cyber Manifesto One of the ideas that I agreed was the statement on how we cannot define “female” as a singular identity. People’s identity can be determined by so many different factors, such as class, race, gender, cultural backgrounds and etc. While there are so many of those different factors, it is ridiculous to try to define a female as a single identity. People often say “women are … ” or “men are … “. Those are good examples showing how people think female as one way and male as another.

The author defines three different boundaries, which are the ones between human and animals, animals and human and machines, and physical and non-physical. To disrupt these rigid boundaries, cyborg comes into a play. Cyborg not only represents the broken boundary between human and machine, but it also represents the broken boundary between male and female. In a world where people are cyborgs, there is really no difference between female and male. When there is no boundary and difference, there can be no discrimination based on sex.

I like this idea because this idea aligns with my project Vitro Fertilization. In my project, I described this alternative future where babies are born not through women’s body but through artificial wombs. How this technology affects feminism is that how this biotechnology helps us to get rid of this biological difference between male and female. So, in a way, I had a same vision. The true feminism can come by simply eliminating the differences between male and female. Ultimately, the cyborg can be the future existence where sex simply has no meaning.

However, personally I think the author is being too optimistic about what cyborg can bring. Even with the current technology, people often experience virtual world where these boundaries do not exist. Consider a video game where gender does not affect the game play. The current technology is allowing us to taste this future world of cyborg, but even at this moment, it does not look optimistic. Consider that the cyber world is filled with violence and eroticism.

Octavia’s brood

Evidence / Black Angel / Small and Bright / In Spite of Darkness / Hollow / The Token Superhero / the river

These stories encourage me to think about the social justice movements for our society through the frame of science fiction and the possible future. These are different from the most of the science fictions that I have read or watched for entertainment like Avengers or Star trek series. Consider the heroes in these stories such as a token hero and black angel, they are not always strong, held in respect, or doing something righteous without any emotional distress. By reading how they fight with their inner conflicts, I can see the unembellished fact of being a hero/heroine. Like this, in most of the stories, the different authors throw assignments that make me think about some uncomfortable truths. When a story comes more speculative, it becomes more bitter. Through reading all these stories, I finally start to agree with the meaning of this sentence. “All social justice work is science fiction. We are imagining a world free of injustice, a world that doesn’t yet exist.” (Adrienne Maree Brown)

The social issues that we all need to think about

      1. Connection/interaction of two different generations: they found the way of sending/receiving messages through the way of language (Evidence)
      2. Violence, police violence / A black woman super hero with self-pity : “Thank me? For what? For waiting so long to act? For allowing your mother and everyone you know to be shopped and sold like cattle for slaughter? Her self-disgust threatened to overpower her.” (Black Angel)
      3. New civilization (Small and Bright)
      4. Violence, migration, slavery (In spite of Darkness)
      5. Aftermath, lives of the rejected disabled people (Hollow)
      6. Being standard, normalcy : The division exists even in the superheroes’ world – standards groups, unusual groups. Being standard means “at least pass for being normal” (Token Superhero)
      7. A false promise of a politician and capitalism, destruction of nature : In the world in “the river”, Detroit River physically devours the horror of gentrification. (the river)

Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Plantationocene, Chthulucene: Making Kin

The earth, where all the living things start their lives, is dying from all the burdens of toxic chemistry that human beings have made. The word Anthropocene is a newly coined word which has a meaning of the present geological epoch (from the time of the Industrial Revolution onwards), during which humanity has begun to have a significant impact on the environment. (source: Collins English Dictionary) In this article, the author makes readers realize the seriousness of environmental pollution, and related issues such as capitalism, climate change denialism, and industrialization.

Personally, In addition to all the troubles from fossil fuel have made I am terrified of the problems that nuclear power generation gives. Literally, all the substances from nuclear power can mutate kin. It works exactly opposite way from what author wants to emphasize – “It matters how kin generate kin(162).” The slogan of the author, “Make Kin Not Babies!(161)” makes me consider what we can do to pass the enjoyable periods of peace and prosperity to our next generation.

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