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“Race and/as Technology or How to do Things With Race”, Wendy Hui Kyong Chun

The article provides key sources of future Speculative Critical Design and how to engage SCD with race related issues. As an Interactive Media Design student who studies speculative and critical ways of thinking, this article gives me an eye-opening progress in how to understand race and related issue. The title of this article is “Race and/as Technology or How to Do Things to Race”, but I want to focus on race as technology.


The formulation to organize my thoughts toward the main point:
x= race
f(x) = technology

Technology that does different things to..

  1. Help people better understand the force of race
  2. Reframe
    • Nature and culture
    • Privacy and publicity
    • Self and collective
    • Media and society


Some people think that denying the difference among races is the way to fight with racism. However, this way of thinking cannot change the core of racism. Because races and differences among them do exist. The closest way to get into the core of racism starts from understanding the differences of races.

However, also the most difficult and complicated issues that disturb understanding races sprout out after the recognizing the differences. Because human beings instinctively exclude the difference in general as they feel hostility and anxiety from something that is unfamiliar.

Based on this animal instinct of human, the wrong ways of “race as technology” were widely spread including race as “mapping tool” and “racist technology.” Since, the wrong ways of “race as technology” seems to fit the human nature, it had spread quickly. In addition, the “faulty media representations” and “careless use of language” accelerated the wrong image of the word “race.”

“Race has become metaphorical – a way of disguising forces, events, classes, and expressions of social decay and economic division”. (42)

Thus, we need to rebuild the image of the word “race” from now. In this article, the author seeks to find the answer from one of the powerful media, the film. Therefore, we need to be pinioned by a chain of reasoning.

The media should emphasize that all races are different. However, the focus is that the difference is complement for each other, and pushing each other to be better. When media successfully highlight on this positive effect of differences, it will be the one of the strongest tactic for reframing race as technology.


Key words and clauses :
  1. Reformulate Race (= by using technology that does different things)
  2. Re frame nature and culture
  3. Race as Technology / Race and Technology
  4. Ethics > ontology
  5. Recognition and Relation > Being

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